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Beach Cart in Australia: John


From: John Beatson [mailto:john****@****.com] Sent: Tuesday, 8 May 2012 10:22 PM To: Subject: Purchase of WC1 - BCF. Hi Drew, Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived yesterday morning. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I assembled the beach cart and loaded it with all the gear I could think of and there was still room for more! Took it down the beach and gave it a trial run. To say that I was amazed at how easily it rolled over all sand surfaces is an understatement. A great boon to us older anglers! Cheers, John Beatson.

Durable Kayak Carts: Bruce


From: Bruce Jackson [] Sent: Saturday, 10 November 2012 8:24 PM To: 'Beachwheels Australia' Subject: RE: Invoice Thanks Drew I would like to also like to add my appreciation of your product, I have a set of (40KG) wheels on my Hobie Outback and  I must say I am more than emprest with the quality & durability of these wheels. I have used the Hobie on aprrox- 50 to 60 occasions in the last 14 months from the North coast down to Carnarvon WA and now around Ceduna SA and have yet to receive a puncture. They make travel across & through sand or any ground so much easier. I have just purchased another Kayak (Stealth ultralight X) and even though I purchased a cart with pneumatic wheels with it  I looked on the web and tracked your site from the American mother company. I don’t know what market share you have for the Kayak side but I would doubt that a better product exists. Cheers Regards Bruce Jackson

Beach Wheels: Michael


Testimonial from Michael Edols Testimonial from Michael Edols Click to view PDF file   Ahoy there Drew Valentine, It has taken all this time for me to find five minutes to help you out. Yes, I am now a beach wheels evangelist. As a composite boat builder what you see here is my solution to single handily address brining my rowing pulling skiff up the ramp. What is more I wanted my rig to travel in the bow of the hull and to be mounted quickly when I wanted to beach the hull. Oh and by the way the lightweight cradle to which the beach wheels is carbon fibber, support light weight closed cell and then flow-coated. If you should like to use these images on your web site and/or on YouTube then let’s communicate via mail or mobile All the best Michael Edols Composite Boat Builder & Restoration Commissioned Assignments Mobile: 0402 65 69 67 PO Box 327, Church Point, NSW 2105, Australia

Jet Ski Dolly: Paul


From: Paul Andrews [mailto:] Sent: Monday, 26 November 2012 6:30 AM To: Beachwheels Australia Subject: Re: Invoice Gday Drew, Just thought i would pass on some feedback for you guys. I found the sale of the dolly with you guys to be fantastic. Dolly was delivered inside a week. As i have a trade background i found it relatively easy to put together.....but i must say i thought the instructions could be much better.....maybe i was just being a bloke and not wanting to use them lol.........the dolly works well were i live and has solved the problem with needing to get it across the sand on low tides in particular on the bay where i live. At worst i have to push it approx. 40m by hand. Requires some effort and raises the heart rate a little......but hey....I am pushing 340kgs* of jet ski across the wet soft sand. A couple of mins of oomph is a very small price to pay. Thanks again for your great service Regards Paul. PS..please feel free to add this to your website *(Dolly 36)

Beach Wheels Australia: Ray


From: Ray Johnson [] Sent: Sunday, 14 April 2013 12:59 AM To: Subject: Dear Drew, You may remember that I purchased 2 beach wheels around Christmas. As you can see they are fitted and surpass ALL my expectations.  It is effortless to pull the boat through the sand. Ray JohnsonIf you like I could show you how I adapted the wheels to the side supports.  A bit of cutting, a bit of welding and that’s about it. I can now easily launch the boat irrespective of how soft the sand is.  My wife is holding the boat fitted with the wheels.  As you can see there is no sinking in the sand.  You are welcome to use the pictures. All I need now is a long run of good weather. Ray Johnson  ( Toogoom )  

BeachWheels trailer


Hi Drew, The guys were testing out the BeachWheels trailer this morning and i was able to grab a few shots of them down at the beach. These are low res images but i can supply them as high res if you need them. The ability for the wheels to mould around gutters and any other surface was amazing - the guys were really impressed! :-) Kind regards, W.

DIY Wheel Kits Australia: Maddie


Hello! Enjoying the beach in a beach wheelchair I bought the DIY Wheel Kits from you and this is a pic of what I have made, I plan to attach the wheels onto a different pram later on, this was our trial run. They worked great, easier then what I thought, just glided over the sand! Thank you guys so much!! My life will be so much more easier now and this will save my back a lot of straining as I used to carry my daughter down to the water. And she thinks its just awesome! I have shared your website onto a disability Facebook page and everyone is loving the idea! Thanks again guys this is just wonderful  : ) Maddie Kennedy

Balloon Wheels: Andrea and Scott


Sent: Saturday, 19 October 2013 10:03 PM To: Beachwheels Australia Subject: Re: Invoice Hi Drew,

Just thought I'd write a quick email to say how much we loved our balloon wheels. They worked wonderfully on our double pram which we pushed a couple of kilometres a night so we could take our kids with us while researching nesting turtles. I've attached a few pictures of our converted pram. Thanks so much again for getting them to us in Darwin so quickly. Kind regards, Andrea and Scott

Beach Cats Australia: Laurie


From: Laurie [mailto:stric*****@****.com] Sent: Friday, 29 August 2014 1:49 PM To: Subject: Feedback Hello John. I have had your larger trolley (BeachCart Folding (WZ1-BCF) now for 18 months. I regularly take it to the beach. The walk to my usual spot is 4km. The trolley is usually loaded with 15kg-20kg of gear but feels like 5kg weight in hand while pulled behind. I use it on bush tracks that are holed and crossed with steps and tree roots, on sand hills and the beach. The trolley handles the torsion of weight while travel over rough terrain well and remains stable with loads piled up toward the handle. It has been one of the key finds in my fishing gear of the last 10 years. I could not walk long distance and fish with the comfort I now do without it. My fishing partner is persuaded and is now getting one also. Rgds Laurie