From: Paul Andrews [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, 26 November 2012 6:30 AM
To: Beachwheels Australia
Subject: Re: Invoice

Gday Drew,
Just thought i would pass on some feedback for you guys.
I found the sale of the dolly with you guys to be fantastic. Dolly was delivered inside a week. As i have a trade background i found it relatively easy to put together…..but i must say i thought the instructions could be much better…..maybe i was just being a bloke and not wanting to use them lol………the dolly works well were i live and has solved the problem with needing to get it across the sand on low tides in particular on the bay where i live. At worst i have to push it approx. 40m by hand. Requires some effort and raises the heart rate a little……but hey….I am pushing 340kgs* of jet ski across the wet soft sand. A couple of mins of oomph is a very small price to pay.
Thanks again for your great service
Regards Paul.

PS..please feel free to add this to your website

*(Dolly 36)