Everything from replacement tyres to bushings, bearings, axles, tie-down straps, casters, spacers, and so on.

  • 4 metre quality nylon webbing with metal Cam Buckle. Great for tying gear to carts, surfboards, or SUP to your roof rack.
    • Quality thick nylon webbing
    • Webbing protector to guard against rubbing on duco or craft
    • Zinc plated buckle which is rust resistant
  • NEW!! Heavy Duty Casters (Swivel and Rigid) *Made from 6mm heavy duty aluminium. Note: This caster housing works only with the  WZ1-30UC (30cm) Wheel w/ 25.4mm bearing.  Not Included.
  • Use a 25mm axle in a 50mm opening.
  • You really don’t want to over-inflate these low-pressure wheels. It trashes them. On the other hand, it’s very hard to under-inflate these wheels. Includes:
    • One Low Pressure Tyre Gauge
  • PWC/Jet Ski Front Swivel Caster is OUT OF STOCK, but ORDERS CAN BE PLACED. NEW!! Heavy Duty Aluminium Swivel Casters for all PWC/Jet Ski Dollies. Guide your PWC Dolly with ease, without having to lift and pull/push.
    • Swivel Caster is made from 6mm heavy duty aluminum and won't ever rust!!
    • Includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware for mounting to WZ1-D12, WZ1-D24, and WZ1-D36.
    • For use with WZ1-30UC (30cm wheel included)
  • PVC Spacers, 25mm

    Stop your wheels from rubbing on the frame of your DIY invention. Simply place spacer over the 25mm axle (between frame and wheel) and prevent wheel on frame rubbing. Spacer can be easily cut to make shorter. DIY Wheel/Axle Kits Available
  • Hitch Kit attaches to Winch Kit for easy towing behind your ATV. Features:
    • Heavy duty aluminum is marine grade anodized after fabrication.
    • Stainless Steel hardware.
    Hitch Kit includes:
    • 1x Tow Hitch
    • 1x 500cm Anodised Aluminium Hitch Bar
    • 2x Anodised Aluminium Angle Bars
    • 4x Stainless Bolts and Washers with Nylock Nuts
    • 2x Galvanised Bolts and Washers
  • Replacement 20mm Bearings
  • $36.99/two sets (Plus delivery)
  • Features:
    • Dual cup/rod holder is strong and durable.
    • Base of cup holders unscrew to accommodate fishing rods.
    • Wide rubberized jaws for easy and secure vertical clamping.
    • 2 Velcro™ straps to secure items in cup holders.
    • 2 drink insulators.
    • Weight: 377 g
    • Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 16 cm
    • Materials:
      • Special polymer with UV inhibitors
      • Zinc coated springs will not rust
    • Assembly
      • No assembly required
      • Simply clamp on desired location
  • Simple soft storage “rack” system for wall or ceiling that’s effective, economical, and easy to install.  Kit includes two heavy-duty nylon webbing adjustable slings and two steel wall/ceiling hooks for easy use and installation.  Great for storing boards, boats, ladders, tools and most other long, awkward items.  Kits interlock for hanging storage of multiple boats.
  • Traction Devices (set of 2)

    Go anywhere in the snow or wherever you need added grip. Suitable for 30 cm, 42 cm and 49 cm WheelEEZ® wheels. Fitting is easy and takes approximately 2 minutes.
    • Traction Device Set for 30 cm, 42 cm and 49 cm WheelEEZ® Wheels.
    • (2 per Set = 2 wheels)
  • Twist Lock Knobs

    For 12.7 mm diameter, grooved, stainless steel axles. Mounts onto bushing and then clips on to end of axle to keep the wheel in place. Only works on bushings with grooves for Twist Lock Knobs.
  • A higher-speed/ low maintenance bush option which replaces the standard WZ1-BRUC bearing casing that is supplied with the 42 and 49 cm wheels. Simply place the bush through the center of the hub... and replace the plastic retainer rings on either end, then add the bolts and nuts and your wheel is ready for work!! UHMW: 'Ultra-high-molecular-weight' polyethylene is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene. Also known as high-modulus polyethylene, it has extremely long chains, with a molecular mass usually between 3.5 and 7.5 million amu.
  • Rail Kit is used to providing more clearance for a deep keeled canoe or kayak. Fits on Kayak Cart Beach (WZ1-KCB) or Kayak Canoe Cart with Tuff-Tires (WZ1-KCC-TT)
  • NEW!! Heavy Duty Aluminium Swivel Casters
    • Swivel Caster is made from 6mm heavy duty aluminum   Older plastic caster shown in some photos, new casters are 6mm heavy duty aluminum.  (WZ1-CAS-S)
    • Includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware for mounting to WZ1-BD (Boat Dolly)
    • For use with WZ1-30UC  (30cm balloon wheel included)