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    WheelEEZ® Beach Carts (3)

  • BUY WheelEEZ® Beach Cart-Folding GET EcoPebble for FREE. Warranty not included. The WheelEEZ® Beach Cart-Folding is the perfect beach cart for carrying any size cooler for a picnic at the beach or park. This beach cart is also the ideal gardening cart, fishing cart, or utility cart. Use the Beach Cart-Folding to move sensitive camera or sound equipment. It folds easily for compact storage and fits in small spaces. Payload capacity: 75 kg
  • BUY WheelEEZ® Beach Cart GET EcoCarbon for FREE. Warranty not included. Enjoy the beach like never before! The Beach Cart is the perfect cart when you have a lot to carry. The versatile Beach Cart doubles as a garden utility cart. The WheelEEZ® wheels will not damage your lawn or flower beds. Payload Capacity: 100 kgs
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    Beach Cart Folding-Mini at the shoreline
    The Beach Cart Folding-Mini is a more compact version of the regular Beach Cart-Folding. The Beach Cart Folding-Mini is the perfect cart when trunk space is tight, yet you still want to carry everything in one trip. This Beach Cart Folding-Mini eliminates the need for multiple trips back to your vehicle. Nothing compares with this beach cart for simplicity; even children can push or pull this cart with ease. These unique wheels roll over sand and other challenging terrains, making hauling gear almost effortless. Payload capacity: 45 kg.
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    20% OFF Go anywhere with the new Beachwheels All Terrain Wagon... road, concrete, rocks, grass, soft sand you name it and you can take it there!! Designed to go where no normal wagon will go. Made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, which means it can NOT rust!!
    • 3 Year Warranty on the Frame
    • Payload: 120kg
    • 4x WZ1-30UC Wheels
    • Outer Frame: 910mm x 700mm x 245mm
    • Inner Frame: 865 x 650 x 210
    • Handle Length: 1200mm
    • All material 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade)
    • Weight: 15 kg for wagon and 5.28 kg for wheels
    316 Stainless steel frame made in Australia/ wheels imported
  • BUY BWA Jumbo Cart GET EcoCarbon for FREE. Warranty not included. This cart is heavy duty.  Transport anything from gravel to beach gear.  This is our biggest and toughest cart. Payload Capacity: 100 kg Weight: 18 kg
  • This is perhaps the use of Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels that brought the biggest smile to our faces. If what Mahatma Gandhi said it true, “The greatness and morality of a nation must be judged by the way it treats its animals,” then Australia is one seriously great nation.