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  • Medical Support: The Stabilo®

    The STABILO® is a seat of stable positioning with the capability to be easily shaped in any desired form and create to maintain it. In maintaining the corrected positions following the rehabilitation, it improves the posture and body maintenance (spasticity, scoliosis, kyphosis…). The STABILO® can easily be positioned on the seat of the BEACH AND ALL-TERRAIN HIPPOCAMPE WHEELCHAIR: it is possible to transfer it from one wheelchair to another, and it is an excellent complement of therapeutic settings. The rigidity of the seat is adjusted with the vacuum pump that pulls the air contained in the seat to create a vacuum and to set in this way the desired shape.
  • The flexible padded belt can be used across the chest or abdomen to prevent forward or lateral falls.
  • Stayflex beach wheelchair accessories
    Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support is used to pull the forward shoulder back so that the trunk is aligned in the sagittal plane and the user can face forward without neck rotation for vision, swallowing, and breathing.