This is the most versatile boat dolly on the market today. One single adjustable frame with four-wheel choices makes the WheelEEZ® Boat Dolly unique, user-friendly, and back-saving. Any terrain can be negotiated, and a large boat weight range is covered. Use for Sunfish, small sailboats, fishing boats, kayak fishing equipment, and more. 
  • 26cm WheelEEZ® Tuff-Tyre polyurethane foam wheels for flat-proof & maintenance-free operation on firm surfaces for payloads up to 110 kg.
  • Maximum width (axle tip to axle tip) with 49cm wheels 1.95cm
  • Minimum width: 108cm (with 49cm Balloon Wheels)
  • Minimum Length of BD (with 42cm wheels) - 265cm
OPTIONAL Boat Dolly Third Wheel Kit (including the 30cm wheel) at $349.98 NEW!! Heavy Duty Aluminium Swivel Casters
  • Swivel Caster is made from 6mm heavy duty aluminum. Older plastic caster shown in some photos, new casters are 6mm heavy duty aluminum.  (WZ1-CAS-S)
  • Includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware for mounting to WZ1-BD (Boat Dolly)
  • For use with WZ1-30UC (30cm balloon wheel included)