Delta All-Terrain Buggy, The Ultimate 3-Wheel All-Terrain Special Needs Buggy!

*ALL BEACHWHEELS AUSTRALIA ‘DELTA BUGGY’S’ INCLUDE: SUN CANOPY, STRAP PADS AND SCHWABE PUNCTURE RESISTANT WHEELS. Lightweight, rugged and compact when folded this off-road all-terrain 3-wheeler offers access to the great outdoors in a range of sizes for children and adults with mobility problems. The unique multi-position rear axle allows the optimum set-up of dynamic stability and balance making the Delta easy to push and maneuver. Ideal for a family beach holiday or a challenging trek into the great unknown.  Take your Delta All-Terrain Buggy for an off-road stroll by a lake, a run alongside the canal, through the countryside or up a mountain.  Enjoy picnics in the sunshine, explore your local beach or park, go fishing, explore footpaths, collect shells, eat ice-cream or fly your kite.  Live life to the full!   Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) No. 312127
  Add WheelEEZ® Wheels Conversion Kit for Delta Buggy

Convert your existing Delta Buggy into a high-performance cycle trailer!