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EcoPebble Powerbank

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The ECOPEBBLE POWERBANK by ECOXGEAR adds dual charging ports and longer play time to the original ECOPEBBLE. The result is up to 50 hours of play time in a compact speaker that charges your mobile devices and still offers shock resistant, waterproof, full range Bluetooth speaker sound.

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  • The ECOPEBBLE Powerbank can be used in the pool, the hot tub and the ocean without issues. Batten down the hatches and play your tunes worry free! Plus, the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank floats! (Be careful, the charging cap must be closed properly to keep the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank watertight.)
  • The ECOPEBBLE Powerbank waterproof speaker connects to any device that uses Bluetooth connectivity for audio. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones are all compatible! All Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices are sure to be compatible.
  • The connectivity for the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank is designed and tested to exceed 30 feet from your Bluetooth device. Walls, leaded glass windows and metal studs inside the drywall will effect the range operation. Of course none of these distractions are outside.
  • No additional hardware is needed to use the speakerphone on the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank. When your smartphone is paired with the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank, you will hear the phone call ring thru the speaker. Simply press the PHONE button on top of the ECOPEBBLE Powerbank to answer the call.