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BWA All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair


Ideal for…

  • Hauling equipment up and down the beach or uneven terrain.
  • Sitting comfortably on the beach whilst fishing. Engage the braking system for added security.
  • Reading and relaxing whilst enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Transporting young children over soft sand when a stroller can’t.
  • Anyone finding it difficult to walk through soft sand or difficult terrain.
  • Having fun with friends down on the beach



“The BWA All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair is very easy to put together and take apart again when loading into the car, it is easy enough for one person to put together you wouldn’t need two people.”

WheelEEZ® low-pressure balloon wheels work so much better than any other wheel. 

The beach wheelchair is specifically designed to go where typical chairs can’t. Soft sand, mud, gravel and uneven terrain are now easily accessed with our revolutionary chair. Our chair quickly disassembles for easy transport. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors with the Beachwheels Mobile All Terrain Chair.

BWA All Terrain Chair in the news

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Going to the beach?  Haul your beach gear, fishing gear, coolers, kegs, towels, umbrellas, and more.  And when you’ve arrived, unload and you’ve got a comfy beach wheelchair to sit in.

These WheelEEZ® low-pressure balloon wheels glide over the sand. Normal wheels dig ditches.  These wheels flatten the sand and roll effortlessly.


TGA Registered Number ARTG 222709

Our current All-Terrain Chair has passed Australian Standard AS 3695
(up to 150kg!!)

“Thank you BWA, we all absolutely love the chair. The BWA All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair is very easy to push across the sand and