Boat Dolly Third Wheel Kit (including the 30cm wheel)

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Boat Dolly Third Wheel Kit (including the 30cm wheel)


NEW!! Heavy Duty Aluminium Swivel Casters

  • Swivel Caster is made from 6mm heavy duty aluminum   Older plastic caster shown in some photos, new casters are 6mm heavy duty aluminum.  (WZ1-CAS-S)
  • Includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware for mounting to WZ1-BD (Boat Dolly)
  • For use with WZ1-30UC  (30cm balloon wheel included)


Hello Drew,

Back from summer holidays and I am providing you a picture and feedback on the boat dolly with 49cm wheels I purchased before Christmas. With a couple of minor adjustments, the dolly has worked very well, enabling me without help to move the boat plus engine and gear with ease and in one trip, thus saving time and effort which has meant the boat has been used far more this summer

Timely and informative advice provided before purchase. Order received promptly. Quality of dolly is high. Dolly was simple and easy to put-together. Dolly moves the boat easily on gravel, grass and soft sand. With the boat (over) loaded with ski gear, safety equipment, fuel, and engine, it can be retrieved from the water singled handed with a bit of effort and even up a modest incline. All-up, the boat engine  and equipment probably weigh +160kg, and this feels like it is getting close to the maximum I would put on the dolly. With the front caster wheel balloon tyre ‘tracking’ somewhat due to the weight on it I ended up fixing the caster so it doesn’t rotate and runs straight, this works well. Despite the buoyancy of the large balloon tyres in the water and the weight of the boat,  getting the boat back on the dolly single handed can be done. In thigh deep water I get the bow of the boat onto the dolly’s support webbing then using the weight of the boat and alternately pushing down on each of the wheels I ‘shimmy’ the boat on. However, I have ended up tying a rope to the front of the dolly, passing it through a single pulley and clipping the pulley to the front of the boat. With this I can relatively easily drag the boat (fully loaded) back on the dolly. Again this is done in thigh depth water, getting the bow of the boat on the support webbing first. The weight of the boat submerges the dolly as it slides on.

Thanks for the dolly, I hope the feedback is useful.


Rohan Walsh