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Taklamakan Expedition by Rob Lilwall

Thanks Drew

The wheels worked really well (it was very hard work pulling the cart up the dunes, but that wasn’t the wheels fault – it was the heavy cart, and the huge dunes!)

Very best wishes

There is a lot of new wheels on the market, but they are all s…. There is only one wheel, and I stand by it… WheelEEZ®’!!

Rudolph La Tegan, South Africa. April 4th, 2018

The Sandcruiser has provided our family with the wonderful gift of freedom. Freedom to travel wherever we like in Australia and choose whichever beach we fancy on the day. We are no longer limited by lifeguard hours and can take a walk at sunset if we please. The Sandcruiser fits in the back of our stationwagon and if we have luggage we put it in a roof pod. Having our own chair means we know it’s always available and in a good state of repair. Something we can’t guarantee when borrowing one provided at the beach. Our son loves the comfort and we enjoy the ease of pushing it across soft sand. We’ve used the Sandcruiser at the beach, lake, on rough tracks and it’s made our life so much better. It hangs on the wall in our garage and is ready to go whenever we are. For an outdoor loving family, it’s been one of the best equipment additions we’ve made.

boat dolly

Love the boat dolly, the quality of all the components is top class.
It’s great to see a quality product at a reasonable price. 

Regards Robbie and Tess, Magnetic Island