Delta Buggy with Strap Pads, Schwabe Wheels & Sun Canopy

//Delta Buggy with Strap Pads, Schwabe Wheels & Sun Canopy

Delta Buggy with Strap Pads, Schwabe Wheels & Sun Canopy


Beachwheels Australia is now selling the Delta Buggy as a package complete with…

  • Delta Buggy
  • Puncture Resistant Tyres (Schwabe)
  • Sun Canopy
  • Coloured Strap Pads
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The Ultimate 3-Wheel All-Terrain Special Needs Buggy!

Delta Buggy All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) No. 312127

Rugged but lightweight, the Delta Buggy All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair offers outstanding off-road capabilities. A range of sizes suitable for children and adults making beaches, parks, trails, and paths accessible.

Built For The Great Outdoors

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Delichon this rugged lightweight All-Terrain Buggy opens up new horizons beyond the reach of conventional pushchairs, strollers or wheelchairs.  It is available in a range of  6 sizes to suit children and adults.

Delichon’s customary attention to detail has created an exceptional All-Terrain Buggy boasting a wealth of safety and comfort features for carer and occupant alike:

  • short wheelbase alloy frame with a low center of gravity
  • adjustable rear axle position
  • quick and easy to fold
  • rugged, rigid and durable
  • adjustable multi-position handle
  • mountain bike brake levers
  • dual rear drum brakes
  • performance supportive fabric seating
  • five-point adjustable harness
  • mesh seat back insert
  • easily removable and height adjustable footplate
  • a range of accessories for increased support and function

Now available in four frame sizes and six canvas sizes, the smallest Delta is suitable for children up to 112cm high, the largest for occupants up to 195cm high.

WheelEEZ® Balloon Wheels

Go Anywhere with WheelEEZ®!! With these durable and tough polyurethane wheels (2x WZ1-42UC) will take you virtually you want to go, with ease… sand, mud, rocks, bush, bitumen, concrete etc. Simple ‘press pin release’ system offered for interchanging wheels when required.

Sizing Chart

Delta Buggy Frame Small Medium Large XL
Canvas Size S M1 M2 L1 L2 XL
Seat Depth  28cm 28cm  32cm  34cm  38cm  42cm 
Backrest Height  72cm 74cm  76cm  82cm  88cm  98cm 
Seat Width  30cm 30cm 32cm 34cm  38cm  38cm 
Max Occupant Height  112cm 120cm  150cm  160cm  180cm  195cm 
Max Occupant Weight  40kg 50kg  50kg  70kg  70kg  90kg 
Weight of Buggy  13kg 14kg  14kg  14kg  14kg  16kg 

NOTE: The fabric seat dimensions change when someone sits in it; a larger range of occupants can be comfortably accommodated than is suggested by the seat width and depth measurements.

How to fold the Delta Buggy All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair

Convert your existing Delta Buggy into a high-performance cycle trailer!

Cycle Trailer Conversion Kit For Delta Buggy

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