The SUP Carrier 1 PU Supreme by WheelEEZ®

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The SUP Carrier 1 PU Supreme by WheelEEZ®


This cart will transport your SUP board over sand or other challenging terrain with ease.  These low-pressure balloon wheels are soft and glide effortlessly over sand or rough, challenging terrain.  Includes 2 x WheelEEZ® 24 cm Polyurethane Balloon Wheels, plus two 3 m tie-down straps.

Payload Capacity 45 kg
Weight 2.4 kg

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SUP Trolley Features:

  • Heavy Duty aluminum frame, marine grade anodized
  • Transports boards on rail for easy navigation through tight spaces
  • Collapsible for convenient storage
  • Flat-proof/maintenance-free, detachable wheels
  • Carries up to 45 kg
  • Includes two 3 m  tie-down straps

SUP Carrier Specifications:

  • Maximum payload: 45 kg
  • Cart Weight, including wheels: 2.4 kg
  • Width at axle: 58 cm
  • Frame size folded: 71 x 28 x 16 cm
  • WheelEEZ® 24 x 12.3 cm  Polyurethane Low-Pressure Balloon Wheels