Wheel Axle Kit 49

//Wheel Axle Kit 49

Wheel Axle Kit 49


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Wheel Axle Kit used in modifying an existing trailer to fit a WETA Catamaran

  • Wheel Type: Low-Pressure Balloon
  • For Use On: Soft sand & other challenging terrain
  • Wheel Dimension: 49 x 23 cm
  • Wheel Weight: 2.78 kg
  • Payload Capacity: 136 kg
  • Axle Material: Marine grade anodized aluminum
  • Axle Length: 25.4mm diameter x 121.92 cm length.
  • Clearance Between Wheels: 79.22 cm
  • Hardware Material: Stainless Steel

Add low-pressure beach wheels to just about anything. Go from struggling through challenging terrain to gliding over it effortlessly. These Wheel Axle Kits permit easy installation on generators, storage boxes, tools boxes, large coolers, even garbage totes. The Kits are perfect for Do-It-Yourself cart projects and equipment conversions. They will even convert your fishing carts. Fits many popular fishing carts.

Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club made their own custom design dolly for the ‘IRB’ (inshore rescue boat) or RIB as referred to by other than SLSC members.

Additional information

Axle Length

20mm Axle/ 91.5cm length, 25.4mm Axle/ 121.92cm length