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38 Pack Stow-N-Go Cooler


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5 LAYERS of INSULATION (Twice as much insulation as the competitors).
Holds ICE longer than any other Soft Cooler.
Guaranteed not to leak or sweat.

21.59 cm x 58.42 cm x 38.1 cm
It will hold 38 cans plus 6.35 kg of ice

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STOW-N-GO-COOLER AO Coolers would like to introduce our new STOW-N-GO COOLER. At AO Coolers we listen to what our customers want. Our customers have asked for a cooler that wasn’t so tall, so they could store it under seats or in tight spots. With help from some of our boating customers, we’ve designed a cooler that will fit in those not so tall, tight places. The dimensions are: 21.59 cm x 58.42 cm x 38.1 cm. It will hold 38 cans plus 6.35 kg  of ice. The height allows customers to use the cooler where other taller coolers won’t fit. Whether you have a ski boat, fishing boat, off-road vehicle, or RV. Our new STOW-N-GO COOLER will fit where the competition doesn’t. And like always, our coolers are guaranteed not to leak, and hold ice longer then any other soft cooler.


  • 21.59 cm x 58.42 cm x 38.1 cm


  • It will hold 38 cans plus 6.35 kg of ice


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see below)
  • Triple stitched soft quality webbing
  • 4 tie down points on all coolers
  • Highest quality YKK zippers used.


AO Coolers offers a Limited-Lifetime Warranty on the Liners and Top Zipper of our coolers. We are happy to repair and return your cooler if it meets the following criteria:

  • Clean: We should be willing to touch your cooler without having to wear gloves
  • Dry: Coolers that are shipped wet arrive moldy and delay the process
  • Exterior has no major wear and tear (Based on our discretion)

Our Guarantee Covers:

  • The Liner: if the cooler leaks because of manufacture defect, or normal use we will repair the liner. Please note that coolers damaged by crushed cans, bottle caps, animals, dry ice, glass, or other uses that are not considered normal wear and tear are not covered by our warranty.
  • The Main Zipper: This is the zipper on the top of the cooler, we do not cover the side pocket zippers.

** Make sure coolers are dry and clean before returning them to us. If they arrive moldy or filthy we will not repair the coolers. Warranty expires once the exterior of the cooler becomes too weak to sew in a new liner or zipper and is based on our discretion.