Jet Ski Dolly 12 including small RIB’s (Inflatable Boats)

///Jet Ski Dolly 12 including small RIB’s (Inflatable Boats)

Jet Ski Dolly 12 including small RIB’s (Inflatable Boats)


The PWC Dolly 12 handles many Jet Skis or PWCs. The PWC Dolly 12 has quick, easy assembly with common hand tools. The PWC Dolly 12 has 1 axle / 2 balloon wheels and will hold most two seats PWC or Jet Ski. Optional Hitch Kit attaches to Winch Kit for easy towing behind your ATV. Optional PWC/Jet Ski Front Swivel Wheel allows you to guide your PWC Dolly with ease, without having to lift and pull/push.

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  • Two Detachable 49 cm unique beach wheels..
  • Winch for easy loading and unloading.
  • Plastic covered runners to protect your boat hull.
  • FREE Winch Kit. (3 to 1 leverage) $89 Value
  • Optional ATV Hitch Kit allows you to tow at low speeds with an ATV.
  • Optional PWC/Jet Ski Front Swivel Wheel allows you to guide your PWC Dolly with ease, without having to lift and pull/push.


Payload capacity: 230 kg
Weight: 33.6 kg
Dimensions: 63.5 x 114 x 48.3 cm
‘Skids’ length: 124 cm
Balloon Wheels: 49 x 23 cm
Materials Anodised Aluminium Frame and Stainless Steel hardware


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Kiama Lifeguard Service make great use of the WZ1-D36 (roller option) for their daily rescue team of Lifeguards 


(Note:  Rollers shown are an additional $700)


From a Satisfied Customer

Gday Drew, Just thought i would pass on some feedback for you guys. I found the sale of the dolly with you guys to be fantastic. Dolly was delivered inside a week. As i have a trade background i found it relatively easy to put together…..but i must say i thought the instructions could be much better…..maybe i was just being a bloke and not wanting to use them lol………the dolly works well were i live and has solved the problem with needing to get it across the sand on low tides in particular on the bay where i live. At worst i have to push it approx. 40m by hand. Requires some effort and raises the heart rate a little……but hey….I am pushing 340kgs* of jet ski across the wet soft sand. A couple of mins of oomph is a very small price to pay. Thanks again for your great service Regards Paul. PS..please feel free to add this to your website *(Dolly 36)

Paul Andrews

Surprisingly easy!

Dear Drew,

I just wanted to let you know we were able to put our Dolly together easily. Thank you for the instructions however we didn’t really need them as it was very straightforward!

All of our rescue Skis are now under cover and in a safe place. We had been scratching our heads as to how we would manage this prior to choosing the WheelEEZ PWC Dolly.

Being unable to lift much I thought we would have a problem with me using it on my own but the winch system has made it very easy. Once we placed all the Skis we were wondering where we would store it too but again the lightweight frame has made this very easy to manage!

What a great idea they are and we feel that just about every Jet Ski owner would benefit from having one of these!

Kind Regards,

Mandy Brown, President, Australian Jet Ski Association


Warringah Lifeguard Service using the Dolly 36 with the optional Hitch Kit


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