30cm Polyurethane Replacement Tyre

30cm Polyurethane Replacement Tyre


30cm Polyurethane Replacement Tyre


Also available in 24cm, 42cm, and 49cm


This product is not designed and should not be (i) used for horizontal movement along an incline where one side of the product is elevated above the other, (ii) moved at speeds in excess of normal walking speed (2-4 miles per hour), (iii) subjected to sharp turning maneuvers.  Exceeding tire pressure and/or maximum payload limitations voids any Warranty.  This product is not intended to be used for long-term storage under loaded conditions.  This product is NOT legal for “ON-ROAD” use and is NOT intended to be used as a FLOTATION DEVICE, FLYING INSTRUMENT, or TOY.

Roleez Wheels and Tyres If you need to replace “Roleez ” wheels, you will find that Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels will work perfectly.  Just make sure the bearing or bushing size matches.


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